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Solutions-Hearing Aids Or Not
Hearing Aid Audiology Limerick

Assessment - Initial Test

Following the initial consultation and hearing assessment, various options will become apparent:

Are Hearing Aids Needed or Not

If so, one aid or two? A bilateral fitting is when two hearing aids are worn. There are many advantages to listening with two ears instead of one. Wearing a hearing aid in both ears is called a bilateral fitting.

The following are some of the benefits of wearing two hearing aids:

  • Superior overall sound quality.
  • Clearer speech during normal listening situations.
  • Better understanding in group conversations and situations where background noise is present.
  • More relaxed hearing because there is no straining to hear with the “good ear”.
  • Bilateral amplification allows for lower volume control settings in both aids, which allows sound to be heard more comfortably.
  • Ability to more easily locate sources and directions of sound.
  • A feeling of more balanced sound.
  • A bilateral fitting can help suppress tinnitus in both ears.
  • Where there is a hearing loss in both ears wearing two hearing aids prevents the brain losing some of its information processing ability. If only one hearing aid is worn the ability to understand speech is reduced in the ear that is not stimulated with a hearing aid.
We will advise you if you are in the minority of people for whom two hearing aids are not be suitable.

Hearing Aid Audiology Limerick

If You Decide Not to Proceed

Your records will be held on file so that at any time in the future they are available for reference as a starting point from which to proceed. Any medical reports or referrals are forwarded to the relevant professionals. The consultation fee is €80.

If you Decide To Proceed With Hearing Aids

Discussion will follow and we will advise as to the most appropriate and most comfortable hearing aid(s) to suit your budget and your hearing assessment. Impressions are taken of one ear or both ears if this is necessary, if two hearing aids are decided upon. The manafacturer's laboratory uses these impressions to craft the In-The-Ear hearing aid(s) or ear mould in the case of a Behind-The-Ear hearing aid(s). We always use computer aided design (CAD) for this process with the exeption of silicon moulds. In Many cases impressions are not required for thin tube on-the-ear or thin tube receiver in-the-ear hearing aids. Measurements will be taken at this stage to determine the size of these fittings.

Hearing Aid Audiology Limerick


Fitting of your new hearing aid(s) takes place two to three weeks after the assessment and takes approximately one hour. The aid(s) are programmed and set by the Hearing Aid Audiologist to suit your specific hearing loss and lifestyle. Full instructions on the handling, use and care of hearing aid(s) are given. Habilitation advice - a plan or schedule as to how to start wearing the hearing aids is suggested. A further appointment is made for review and adjustment if necessary. The hearing aid(s) are fitted and paid for.

Hearing Aid Audiology Limerick

Review Appointment

This appointment is approximately thirty minutes and is a very important appointment. Your progress is reviewed and appropriate adjustments are made to the hearing aid(s). Rehabilitation is provided if this is necessary. Further follow-up appointments are arranged as required.

The Longer Term

Six-monthly checkups are suggested to ensure you are deriving maximum benefit from your hearing aid(s). All of our hearing aids carry a five year warranty. This covers you for all consultations, appointments and service. We also cover repairs to hearing aids neccessitated by wax or humidity damage. The only repairs we do not cover are loss or physical damage due to misuse.