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Hearing Aid Audiology Limerick

About Our Practice

Fergusons Hearing Aid Clinic is an independent hearing aid audiology practice owned and managed by Peter and Margaret Ferguson who are both qualified hearing aid audiologists. This independence allows for the prescribing and recommending of the most appropriate hearing aids irrespective of the manufacturer. Fergusons is the only Hearing Aid Audiology practice in Ireland to have been awarded the prestigious AIHHP Centre of Excellence.

The late Willie Ferguson, Peter’s father, established the practice in 1967 in Limerick. As the practice grew more space was needed and the current premises was purchased and renovated in 2002. There is convenient parking close by in car parks and on the street. Also the train and bus station is approximately 8 minutes walk.

Hearing Aid Audiology Limerick

One of the best Assessment and Hearing aid Fitting systems in Ireland and UK

The Astera 2 Audiometer and Speech-in-Quiet and Speech-in-Noise Testing System, along with the Aurical Hearing Test System, Free Fit Real Ear Measurement System and a Surround Sound 5.1 Router are used in the Clinic Test Rooms. This state-of-the-art equipment provides a very detailed and comprehensive analysis of hearing loss, allowing for the prescription and fitting of the most appropriate hearing aids and can reproduce real life environments in the clinic allowing the Hearing Aid Audiologist to get the best response from the patient’s hearing aids.

Video Otoscope Camera

The main clinic in Limerick has two fully equipped sound treatment assessment rooms including soundproof booths for hearing assessment and video otoscopic cameras for ear examination. Continuing Education is a high priority for Peter, Margaret and Cian who regularly attend meetings and conferences in Ireland, Europe and the US.

Family Run Practice

That You Can Rely On For:

  • Independent advice and evidence based practice
  • Comprehensive assessment and evaluation of hearing
  • Rehabilitation and after care services
  • Tinnitus advice
  • Five year Hearing Care Plan and warranty for hearing aids
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Repair and service facility
  • Batteries and accessories
  • Postal service for repairs, service and batteries
  • Ear moulds including swim moulds and musicians high fidelity earplugs
  • Noise protection products
Company Registration Details are as follows:
Fergusons Hearing Aid Clinic Ltd.
Reg. in Ireland: No 276173
Reg. Address: 61 Catherine Street, Limerick