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Loop Systems and Their Venues

A Hearing Loop is a loop of insulated wire fixed around a designated listening area which transmits a magnetic signal wirelessly around the loop. This signal is picked up directly, and without any interfering noises, by people with hearing aids if the hearing aid has a telecoil receiver fitted within it. Some hearing aids are so tiny that there is not room for a telecoil.

Loop systems can vary in size from a neck loop worn by someone at a conference - to large loops, which enable a hearing aid wearer to enjoy for example, a trip to the theatre because the auditorium is looped. In recent years these systems have become commonly available in public buildings such as cinemas, theatres, bank and post office counters, shops, bus and train stations and places of worship. When a loop has been installed, it is usually advertised either in the form of a written notice, or perhaps a sign such as this one, displayed in a prominent place.

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To work with the hearing aid the telecoil is activated by a button on the aid. It can have up to two settings. One will allow you to hear only the sound from the speaker's microphone while the other will allow you to hear the sound from the speaker's microphone, the people around you and your own voice. Hearing aids which are compatible with a loop system, deliver sound that is customized by your hearing aids for your particular hearing loss. Additionally, the sound is contained in your ear/s, without bothering others. With some loop systems if you are bowing your head you may occasionally not hear as well. Remember to return your hearing aid to the normal setting when you are leaving the venue the loop is in, otherwise you will get interference in your hearing aid and you won't hear well. If you are unsure as to whether you have a telecoil facility in your hearing aid/s or need any assistance with regards to the operation of your telecoil we will be pleased to assist you.

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