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Three Time Winner - Peter Ferguson
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Audiologist of the Year Award Winner for the third time

Peter has been named Audiologist of the Year for Ireland in 2016. We are delighted to say this is his thrid time winning the award. He was nominated for this prestigious award by another of our patients, and then announced the overall winner.

Detail on this years winning testimonial

Peter has won the coveted title of Audiologist of the Year 2016, after a heartfelt nomination from one of his patients swung the judges' decision. This award, Peter's third time winning it, run in a partnership between the European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association (EHIMA), which represents Europe's major hearing instrument manufacturers. Rayovac renowned hearing aid battery manufacturer and Audio Infos, a leading international hearing publication in audiology. The competition celebrates the very best in the hearing care profession, inviting patients from 10 countries across Europe to share their stories and say how their audiologist has made a difference to their lives. With hundreds of nominations that are anonymously judged, the independent panel of industry judges has been busy deliberating over the summer, with Peter ultimately being announced as Ireland's winner. Peter's patient, Mary Fitzgerald, has been deaf since birth and her hearing had become progressively worse over the years, which was making life extremely difficult for her. Mary said: “Peter never gave up on me. In 2013 I was accepted for a cochlear implant. Prior to being accepted I was tested by a scientist from the USA who had to check my hearing aids to make sure they were giving me the best possible hearing. The tests revealed that my aids were already some of the best and no further improvements could be made for me. “On my journey I met several people on the cochlear implant list, but were turned away because their hearing aids were not good enough at all. This would never happen with Peter, he would make sure you were achieving the maximum hearing. It is with great confidence that I attend Peter for a hearing aid in my other ear.” Judge Søren Hougaard, from EHIMA, said: “Every year we receive so many inspiring nominations and it's wonderful to celebrate the admirable work of audiologists across Europe. On behalf of all at EHIMA, I'd like to congratulate this years' winner and thank every hearing professional across Europe for the incredible difference they're making to their patients' lives.” Paula Brinson-Pyke, Marketing Director at Rayovac, said: “We're delighted to announce Peter as the Irish winner. His hard work, dedication, patience and kindness really shone through and I know it was a very difficult decision for the panel of judges to make.

Hearing Aid Audiology Limerick

What This Award Means

We are delighted to tell you that, for the second year in a row, Peter has been named as the 2014 Audiologist of the Year for Ireland in recognition of his work as a Hearing Aid Audiologist. He was nominated for this prestigious award by our patients and recently announced the overall winner. This is a Europe wide competition, decided on by a panel of independent judges who at the time of judging are unaware of the identity of the hearing aid audiologist and the competition is based solely on patient experience. Among the qualities referred to in the winning submission were Peter’s many years of exceptional service and dedication to enable those in his care to hear and communicate as effectively as possible, irrespective of the difficulties they present with. His depth of knowledge, thoroughness, his commitment to ongoing development and to the use of modern technology, his caring professional manner and his overseeing a hearing aid audiology practice which is a well-recognised centre of excellence, were all remarked on. Peter’s award was presented to him in Hannover on the 15th October last at the EUHA conference, the largest European hearing aid audiology conference held annually.

The Winning Testimonial

Peter was nominated by his patient, Anne Casey, who, in her entry, described how the care Peter provided has allowed her to participate fully in the life of the community in her role as a St John of God Sister. Peter’s commitment to helping Anne overcome her unique circumstances and his consistent support led the judges to announce him the winner. Anne’s hearing began to deteriorate when she was just 27, after she contracted Rubella which caused damage to the nerve endings in her ear. At the time, Anne had just embarked on a teaching career in a socially deprived area of Dublin, and was devastated when her audiologist informed her that the infection had caused such severe hearing loss that hearing aids would be of no help, and advised her to give up teaching. Undeterred by the audiologist’s recommendation, Anne decided to try hearing aids for herself, and visited a specialist in Dublin who fitted her with a single aid. Issued on behalf of Rayovac by Gardiner Richardson In her nomination, Anne said: “I began with one hearing aid but I was not managing very well. My Provincial at that time came across a professional person in Limerick who was hard of hearing but managed very well. She asked him about his audiologist, who happened to be Peter Ferguson. She recommended that I make an appointment with him, even though he was now almost three hours’ drive away from me.”
That was Anne’s first appointment with Peter, in the early 1980s when he had just begun practicing as an audiologist.
“He did wonders for me,” said Anne, “and I have been with him ever since. I was able to remain in teaching and have held a number of other professional and responsible positions since and I am managing very well at 64-years-old. “I now have two digital hearing aids which I find wonderful. Mr Ferguson has spent hours with me testing me, fitting hearing aids and adjusting them. He has gone far beyond the call of duty to enable me to hear with practically no hearing. He has presented me for case studies and other professionals say, “I am sure hearing aids are of no use to this patient” and Peter astounds them by telling them I am coping very well.
“I have re-trained at Trinity College and I continue to work in a social housing area now in Edenderry. I can perform one-to-one counselling and participate fully in the life of the area. This is all due to the expertise, giftedness, professionalism and sheer genius of my audiologist. He is an exceptional human being. I am so deeply grateful to him. “I have recommended him to many other people who experience him just as I do. For years I have wanted to write about what this man has done for me and because of him many people have been cared for through my ministry.
“Peter’s commitment to ongoing development and to the use of modern technology is second to none. He does it all in a quiet, unassuming way. He is an absolute gentleman, caring professional and conducts a practice and centre for excellence. I highly recommend Peter for this award.” Paula Brinson-Pyke, Marketing Director at Rayovac, said: “It’s stories like Anne’s which are the reason we run this competition – to reward the professionalism, patience and kindness which audiologists around the world show to their patients day in, day out.

Hearing Aid Audiology Limerick

Audiologist of the Year Award Winner in 2013

Peter was also named Audiologist of the Year for Ireland in 2013. He was nominated for this prestigious award by another of our patients, and then announced the overall winner.

The Winning Testimonial

An audiologist is someone who conducts a hearing test and provides you with hearing aids? No - an audiologist like Peter Ferguson is much more than that. Technically, he continually keeps abreast of new technology - there is no comparison between his consulting room now and the room I first visited many years ago. Each successive testing session seems to be yet more detailed that the previous one and seems to show an even greater range of measurements. Yes, I acknowledge that most good audiologists will continually update their equipment and their skills. Peter offers so much more. He takes great care to explain with the aid of computer graphics, if warranted, just what has shown up in the tests and just what his proposed solutions are. As a patient, this gives me more confidence - for me, confidence in my ability to hear others plays a large part in my daily living.

As a recently retired teacher, the ability to hear adequately was of paramount importance for my professional ability and confidence. I did suffer from lack of confidence on one or two occasions and on contacting Peter I was almost immediately seen by him and was given what can be best described as a counselling session. As one who absolutely refused to contemplate the wearing of hearing aids in early life, the social aspect of being seen wearing hearing aids was a huge stumbling block, especially when, in recent years, I had to revert to behind - the - ear aids, as in-the-ear were unsuitable for me. Peter always displayed great patience and kindness in these situations and has managed to rid me of my self-consciousness. On the occasional visits where my wife accompanies me she is always made most welcome and is always included totally in my consultation. Peter always takes great care to investigate any observations which she makes regarding my hearing which may differ from my own observations.

Peter seems to have all the time in the world for you when you are with him. He always answers questions, actually encourages them. He takes great care and patience with his explanations, never overwhelming you with technical jargon. Despite having a very large number of patients he always remembers details regarding your family, holidays, births, deaths etc. In short, each visit is a pleasure and you always feel better on leaving that on entering. Peter's dedication to hearing impaired people extends beyond his day job. He is a founder member of the Mid West School for Deaf Children in Limerick, which is the only one outside of Dublin and he is involved to this day in the donation of specialised equipment. To me, this makes Peter someone who doesn't just see his skills in audiology as merely to be used for his profession, but as a means to enhance the lives of children and adults with hearing difficulties. Therefore I have no hesitation in recommending him for consideration as audiologist of the year.